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Gender Gap

“Can Public Policy Shape Gender Stereotypes? The Impact of Paternity Leave on the Next Generation”, with L. Farré, L. Gonzalez and P. Schneider

"After-School Care and Parents’ Labor Supply" (2016), Labour Economics 43:64-75 (with M. Lechner and P. Thiemann)

 “The Motherhood Wage Gap – What about Job Amenities? (2012), Labour Economics 19(1):59ff

“The Willingness to Pay for Job Amenities: Evidence from Mothers' Return to Work” (2012), Industrial and Labor Relations Review 65(2): 10-39   

"Changing Gender Norms Across Generations: Evidence from a Paternity Leave Reform" BSE Working Paper 1310 (with L. Farre, L. Gonzalez and P. Schneider)   

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