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Child Care & Child Development

"Does Early Child Care Help or Hinder Child Development?” (2018), Journal of Public Economics 159: 33-53 (with R. Lalive)

“From dawn til dusk: Implications of full-day care for children’s development”, (2018), Labour Economics 55: 259-281 (with L. Zierow)

“Does preschool boost the development of minority children? The case of young Romas in Eastern and Central Europe” (2017), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society – Series A 180 Part II: 475-502 (with M. Huber)

"Can’t buy Mommy’s Love? Universal Child Care and Children’s Long-term Cognitive Development: Evidence from a Natural Experiment" (2015), Journal of Population Economics 26(3): 983-1005 (with N. Rodriguez-Planas & N. Nollenberger)

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